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Why keeping a pet is a good idea?

Pet Allergies

Pets are more than just some furry companion we have. They are an integral part of our family. As per the American Psychological Association, pet parents are as close to their precious pets as they are to their human pal. Many veterinarians at various veterinary hospital share opinion that besides giving their humans company, they given them endless health benefits as well.

As per doctors and health professionals at Virginia Beach vet hospital, being around pets helps patients relax easily. Any pet person would agree that there is nothing more relaxing than coming home to your pet that laps on you and takes away all the work stress and tiredness. So, let’s find out what all health benefits our pets have in store for us.

Pets decrease the risk of allergies and asthma:
For years humans have been thinking that having furry pets make their human counterparts susceptible to asthma and allergies. Many also recommend not having a pet in the house if anyone in the family is prone to allergies or is asthmatic. On the contrary, a new study has shown that children who grow up with furry pets and farm animals are more immune to allergies and asthma. Besides this, having a dog in the house makes the inmates less likely to catch eczema. Indirectly speaking, pets have a significant role in improving the immune system of their human pals.

Pets boost your mood:
It is relaxing to come from work to pets who are excited to play with you. Some researches have shown that spending quality time with pets alleviates tensions and tiredness. Playing with dogs increases the brain activity and gives more pleasure to the mind. Spending some time playing with pets relaxes the mood and makes family life better.

Pets inculcate educational values:
In addition to happiness and health benefits, a pet brings educational benefits as well. Having a pet lets your kids understand the emotion of love, become more responsible and compassionate towards animals and other beings. Through healthy feeding and exercising routine that you follow for your pets, your children too can learn to adopt it.

They help you remain fit and healthy:
The thing about having a pet is they always keep us running. Even if you are too tired to take your pet for their daily walk, you are compelled to do so. Playing, feeding and walking the pet becomes a part of your routine. This in return helps you stay fit.

Pets prevent stroke:
Veterinarians and pet lovers associate pets with several health benefits. Whether you have a dog or a cat, they are a powerhouse of health benefits. As per a study conducted by researchers, it is believed that having a cat as a pet at home reduces the chances for stroke and cardiovascular diseases by 30%. Veterinarians at the veterinary hospital say that pets help in the faster recovery of a patient suffering from a heart attack like serious ailments. Besides this, playing with your pets stimulates your mind making you less susceptible to depression.

They keep a check on your blood pressure:
As per doctors and health professionals, being around pets helps patients relax. This eventually soothes their mind and lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. Many studies have shown that those with pets have lower stress level and blood pressure than people who don’t have pets.


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